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The Kees in Cameroon

Paul & Janet Kee

53 Years in Africa

January 2020 marks 53 years since Paul's parents, Windle and Barbara Kee, went to Nigeria. The Biafran War caused them to leave to Cameroon. Paul started preaching in December 1967 and went back in the summers of 1972-1976 as an apprentice. W. Paul and Janet M. Kee are the only missionaries for the Church of Christ living in Cameroon. They have been working there full-time since 1976.

W. Paul and janet Kee have been doing full-time mission work since 1976. Paul went to Harding because of the Mission Internship Program, and got his Master's from Harding Graduate School of Theology in Memphis. He was Missionaryin- Residence at Freed-Hardeman in 2000- 2001. Janet has a degree from Southern College of Optometry and has given out almost 9,000 pairs of used eyeglasses and cases, along with tracts and Bible lessons. Read more

Cameroon Report


November 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

By the time you receive this, I’ll have left, very early on November 4th, the day after the election. My arrival in Cameroon was at 10:35 p.m., and Njong Norbert, my mechanic, was to meet me there.

This trip to Cameroon has three main purposes: First, to attend the National Annual Gospel Lectureship on November 26th to 29th. It is hosted this year at the Bangangte congregation, which was started by Sister Rannie Butler, through Bible correspondence courses. They have great leaders, and we will spread out in a big community hall. People will attend from around the country. Covid-19 has not been very bad there, with about 435 deaths in 23 million people, but everyone must wears masks! Lamsno' Bible

Second, my first four weeks, including the Lectureship, will be in the French speaking regions. I will visit some congregations and the French section of our Bible School, which is now in Dschang. I have rented two rooms in Mbouda, a bilingual city of 111,000. We have a good congregation there. During my time there, I will be looking for a house to prepare and rent for our return planned for May. For security reasons, we may have to live in and work out of the French part of Cameroon for a while. If we have to, we will re-open the English section of the Bible School there, and work out from there. Plus, I need to make sure Janet feels secure, has electricity, internet, and running water!

Paul Kee with Lamnso Full Bible TranslationThird, if conditions allow, Janet and I will decide around the end of the month about whether I can go back to our house in Nso’, for two weeks. I will have a borrowed dog and watchmen day and night, because of the danger of kidnaping by the separatists. Remember I was there (without running water) for 37 weeks straight in 2018-2019! Many things have improved in Nso’, with some schools reopening, people able to farm, the roads being open most of the time, and the return of the Fon (king) to Nso’. The Churches are all meeting, and our people have been very busy, using motorcycles to visit congregagations in the villages. Some that were closed in 2017 have re-opened, and several have had baptisms recently. We are especially happy for our co-workers, evangelists Fai Emmanuel and Kiru Simon, and my secretary, Joshua Banye, for their untiring efforts to keep working in unsafe conditions.

Baptism in CameroonYou should also be aware that during this time in the States, we have had opportunities to serve. Most congregations have not wanted us to visit since the lock-down in March, so we have not been able to continue reporting. In fact, not being able to stay with people or even to leave a hot-spot like Memphis and worship in other states, has really put a crimp in our fund raising. Please pray about this, because this is budget time, and we pray for families and congregations to continue to take part with us in this effort. We are really hurting for money, having lost over $3,000 a month! However, for almost three months, we worshiped here with Macon Road, and I led singing. After their part-time preacher left, I also preached for three weeks. I also had opportunities to preach in Mississippi and Alabama, so I felt better than just worshiping on-line. Hopefully it won’t be long before we can travel.

Speaking of that, we have a new 25-minute video presentation on YouTube.  Or, you can find it by typing in “Kee Paul Janet Cameroon" on Youtube. With Google, you have to get into YouTube first, then type “Kee Paul Janet Cameroon”.  Read more