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The Kees in Cameroon

Background Stuff

The Kees, family, and Cameroon work


W. Paul Kee has been in the Lord's work in Cameroon for 36 years, first arriving there in 1967. He is the son of Windle and Barbara Kee, who spent 20 years in Africa before they returned to the States in 1992. Windle was the first preacher with a Master's Degree in the St. Louis area when he came to Collinsville, Illinois in 1960. In 1967, the Kees were the first missionaries ever sent out from the St. Louis, Missouri area. They returned after 2-1/2 years to resume preaching at Collinsville; but went back to Cameroon in 1974. Windle now preaches on Sundays at Holiday, Texas. He and Barbara are members at Faith Village in Wichita Falls, Texas. They both campaign in Belize, Central America every year.

Janet Winter was the daughter of John (late) and Evelyn Winter of Memphis, and she grew up at Macon Road. While on her first mission trip to Cameroon in 1975, she met Windle, Barbara, and Alicejoy Kee, who told her about Paul, who was a Senior at Harding. They wrote him favorably about her. He came to see her in Memphis, got engaged in six weeks, and got married two months later! After five months of traveling and raising support, they went to Cameroon as full-time workers in November 1976.

After seven years in the South West, Paul and Janet Kee started the work in Nso' from scratch in 1982. Nso' (pronounced en-SO) is the largest tribe under one Fon (king) and one dialect in the country, with about 500,000 subjects. Paul understands much of the language, and a lot of French, but he uses his fluent Pidgin English to preach and teach. He was involved in the New Testament translation into Lamnso', and has five brethren working on the Old Testament translation project. Paul is also a traditional ruler (clan leader)  of the Nso' tribe, Faay Shu Lav Mfu' Nyuy, and he has been the Chairman of the Mbve' Village Council. Janet's name is Wiiy Baa (village mother) because Paul has adopted and been adopted by the isolated village of Buu. Please always remember all of the Kees in public and private prayers.

Malena & Trevor

Malena Beth Kee was born in 1979 and married Trevor Brown in 1999. She and her brother, Ryan, were both home-schooled in Cameroon through high school. Malena graduated from Freed-Hardeman in 2002 and completed her Master's from there in 2005. They are living in Illinois now, where Trevor's parents lived.

Ryan & Laura

Ryan Joseph Kee was born in 1982 and married Laura Britnell in 2003.  Although younger than Ryan, Laura graduated that year from Freed-Hardeman, with a degree in Computer Science.  Ryan did three years at Freed-Hardeman and then two years at Tennessee Tech at Cookeville.  He graduated in 2005, getting a B.S. in Physical Science from FHU and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from TTU.  Laura works for a computer simulation company. Ryan works as a civilian for the US Army in aeronautical engineering.