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The Kees in Cameroon

Cameroon Lectureship Campaign
May 17th through 31st, 2017


Kumbo Christian School, Nso'

In May 2017, Kumbo Christian Bible School, Nso' will celebrate its 28th Anniversary. At the suggestion of one of the Collinsville elders, we started an Annual "Scholarship" Lectureship in 2014, along the line of what Christian colleges do in the States. Graduates are asked to develop scholarly lectures, to be sent ahead of time and printed. This is scheduled after the rains have started, about six months between the rotating annual national campaigns. (Those are called "lectureships" in Cameroon, but are more evangelistic than those in the U.S.)

For the third Annual Scholarship Lectureship, we want to have a group of campaigners to come from the States, to take part and to work with surrounding congregations. This will be about 15 days, which we hope will be right after some students and teachers get out of school for the summer. There will also be opportunities to visit Paris, Brussels, Greece, or other places in Europe, on the way back, if you have the time and money!

The work of campaigners would include two Sundays with local congregations. There would be personal work with contacts, visiting backsliders, classes with members, and worship on two Sundays. Those who wish could be includedCameroon as speakers on the Lectureship, including in the women's group of classes. Plenty of workers will be available to interpret, both for speaking and for local work. British English, Pidgin, and Lamnso' are our languages, but most of the graduates can understand American English well enough to "break" for you!

Logistics of the Campaign Travels

The proposed departure is Wednesday, May 17th, 2017. In past campaigns, travelers have gone from their own cities in the States to a Delta hub, such as Cincinnati or Atlanta. From there, groups travel overnight together to Paris for the last flight. Cheaper flights are now going with United (Chicago or Newark) and Brussels Airlines. The U.S. flight leaves in the evening and the last leg gets to Cameroon the next evening, Thursday. The return flight is on Tuesday, May 30th going out at 9:30 p.m.; to arrive in America on Wednesday.

CameroonThe cost includes a round-trip ticket (around $2,300), transportation, hotels, food, and extras, at least $100 a day, (not including extra trips afterwards). The last man who visited got even cheaper tickets and only spent $800 in ten days. Campaigners need to buy souvenirs, and also need small gifts for contributors. (A great option there is a $25 cell phone packet, ready to go, with some credit.) The best way to send money is ahead of time through Collinsville with wire transfers, plus bringing $100 bills, which get a better exchange rate.

A passport will be required, ready three months before the trip, by February. All of them will be sent to a visa service in Washington, the best way to get tourist visas. We will have to get your info early enough to get official letters from Cameroon. One shot is required, yellow fever. (Others may be recommended by that time, depending on what is happening in Cameroon.) Everyone will be taking malaria pills 4 weeks ahead of time, during the 2 weeks, and 6 weeks after. We take Daraprim every week and Janet (and our kids) has never gotten malaria, nor have any campaigners. Bring all your normal prescriptions and pain killers.

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