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The Kees in Cameroon

Cameroon, on the inside curve of West Africa


Cameroon is a country of 18 million souls, the size of Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas put together. It is about 1,000 miles from North to South. Remember, Africa is three times the size of the United States, including Alaska. In the southern part of Cameroon, there are rainforests and swamps. In the northern part, there is grassland and the edge of the Sahara desert. So in Cameroon, you have all of Africa in one triangle.

Nso' town is at 5,500 feet, has a cooler climate than the coast (nine hours drive away), has 65,000 in the city, 380,000 people in Bui Division, with 40 congregations. There are also 40 more in Donga/Mantung Division to the north, some up to five hours away.

W. Paul and Janet Kee live about 9 hours drive from the coast, in the tribal area and city called Nso' or Kumbo.

Their address is:
P. O. Box 24
Nso', Bui Division
Cameroon, West Africa
Home phone: 011-237-3348-1168
Cell phone: 011-237-7750-2250
Office phone: 011-237-3348-1119
Paul's e-mail address:
Janet's e-mail address:

Town Road

A member taking care of the financial part is Don Vaugh, 618-972-0376.

Godfrey Church of Christ
6412 Humbert Rd.
Godfrey, IL 62035






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