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The Kees in Cameroon

The other valuable half of the missionary couple


Paul & Janet PhotoJanet Marie Kee heard a missionary speak when she was 10 and decided to be one. However, she thought about spending 10 years in the field. Her family was very strong in the faith, and she went to Harding for one year of pre-optometry in 1972. After that year, she went on a Holland campaign with several Harding students and Elvis Huffard. She went on to Optometry School and got an A.A. as an Optometric Technician and started work in East Tennesee in 1974.

In 1975 she saw Elvis Huffard, who invited her to join a group going to Cameroon, where she could give out glasses. Janet quit her job, raised her money (half of it her own), and then the college group she was to go with could not go, so she went by herself!

Now that the children are married and living in the States, Janet involves herself in two very important works, among other things. She gives out glasses and cases to the local people, mostly people who are 45 or older who are having a hard time reading. She does this two afternoons a week and has given out over 7,500 pairs of used eyeglasses and cases.

Janet also prepares Children's Bible Lessons for seven congregations in the area, so far. She works from scratch and has already produced 420 lessons through the Bible, being at present in the Book of Acts. These packets contain an outline for the teacher, visual aids, handouts, and colored printouts.



Of course, Janet travels with Paul when he reports in the States, provides an oasis for him when he comes home from work, and home-schooled both children through high school--both became good students! She is now able to do more teaching with women, and do her own personal work.