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The Kees in Cameroon

You can take part as an individual or congregation


The Kees welcome you to take part in the work in CamerCameroon Church of Christ Truckoon in very direct ways:

  1. PRAY daily for the success of the eight evangelistic programs, Paul and Janet Kee, and their Cameroonian co-workers.
  2. Keep the name of the Kees and their work in Cameroon before your congregation.
  3. Share in the sustaining of the financial side of the work annually.
  4. Write the Kees and their co-workers, or even call them on the phone (011-237-3348-1168 or 011-237-7750-2250).
  5. Direct your leaders and fellow members to this Web site!
  6. Request that the Cameroon work be included in your congregation's annual budget.
  7. Come to Cameroon for a campaign in either March or May 2010 (or stay for both!).Cameroon
  8. Become an intensely-involved, internationally-active Christian by contributing monthly to the work in Cameroon.
  9. Make sure the "Cameroon Report" and the Kees’ picture gets up on the bulletin board at your congregation.
  10. Make a special contribution for a selected project, such as the self-reliance fund, a co-worker's support, tires, or Bibles.
    • $100 a month ---Supports part of an Evangelist's support. These men are NOT local preachers, but work full-time in 8 programs with 80 congregations, alongside Paul and Janet Kee.
    • $50 a month ---Provides the personal support for a part-time worker who sacrifices a week each month or four weekends to work with congregations out in the bush or far from the city.
    • $40 a month ---Supplies a Christian student with fees for high school, plus medicine, books, and housing. Or enables a beginning poultry farmer to keep chickens to help his family with cash.
    • $25 a month --- Goes toward buying more Bibles next time. In a year, this monthly amount buys 4 boxes, 96 Bibles, and ships them.