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The Kees in Cameroon

Sharing, caring, & teaching the Good News


Janet and Paul Kee

November 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Janet and I have just arrived back in the States after a special 11-day trip to Cameroon. This was for the Dedication or Launching of the complete Bible in Lamnso', the dialect in which we've been working for the last 35+ years. That language, the largest among 253 in the country, is the reason we moved to Nso' in 1981 ; we wanted to work in a native tongue where we could spend many years. The serendipity came with a wonderful climate and the two best hospitals in the country in our city.

Paul Kee with Lamnso Full Bible TranslationI got involved at the end of the translation of the Lamnso' New Testament in 1981, before it came out in 1990. When the Old Testament part started in 1996, I was right in the middle of it. I paid the rent on the Bible Translation Center for 16 years, and now the Lamnso' Literacy Center for three. Seventeen years ago I placed four translators, our Bible School graduates, on the 12-man translation team. We also financed a revision of the New Testament. For the last three years I have been in charge of the preparations for the Dedication, with 110 grass-roots workers getting ready with us. There were 5,200 meals cooked and 5,400 bottles of soda and water, plus lots of logistics, with hundreds helping. Read more


Kees In Cameroon Eyeglass ClinicJuly 2016

I have arrived in the States TODAY, to begin another saga of traveling, reporting, and raising funds. This intense part of the work carries two big benefits: One is getting to see so many of our brothers, sisters, friends, and loved ones, people we have known for many years. It is truly a blessing to visit with those who have supported us and prayed for us for a long time. Another benefit is, I get to Fish! That is the one American activity I really miss when I am in Africa. So please get your ponds ready for me; I will have my license, and· my equipmenris always in the car! Seriously, we will be starting out on 2nd September and will already be in 10 different states, just in the first month! So we will be busy, flying, driving, reporting, and visiting with brothers and sisters. We hope you are along our trail, and that we will have a chance to see you also. Read more


May 2016

WONDERFUL NEWS! In so many ways, the Lord is showing that HE is in charge of the Universe! So many great things have happened in the last 6 months, it is impossible to give them all in one page. However, there are two that are Greater than others: First, today, May 23rd, we are resuming our Annual Scholarship Lectureship at Kumbo Christian Bible School, Nso'. This bas been funded by a congregation in Memphis, and they have made it possible for us to plan to have it every year. We are expecting over 500 people to arrive, for 3-1/2 days of meatier lessons. This is not an evangelistic lectureship like the annual one held in a different place every November, but is in between them and should have representativesCameroon Children from more than half of the congregations in the country. Lots of plans and work have gone into getting ready for printed matter, housing, speaker systems, eating, transportation, etc.

Secondly, we have rmally, after a delay of 3 years, been told that the Nwa' Nyuy, the complete Bible in Lamnso', has been printed and is in the ship on the way to Cameroon! Lamnso' is the largest dialect in the English-speaking section of Cameroon. This is the fii'St Old Testament translation. undertaken by the Cameroon Bible Translation Association, and the first 0. T. translated into one of the 253 dialects in Cameroon in over 100 yean. On November 19th, we will have the Launching/Dedication ceremony for this Bible. I am spearheading the Planning and Preparation. Read more