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The Kees in Cameroon

The Work

Eight programs of work shared by Paul and co-workers


  1. Church Planting through Public Bible Lectures: This surfacing method is for finding the most interested souls in each quarter where we are evangelizing. We have done this in 268 quarters in 33 years, Sharing the Gospel Cameroonand have started 45 congregations in Bui Division. We have also been responsible for starting 35 other congregations in Donga/Mantung Division, so we take care of 80 congregations.
  2. Bible Distribution in Targeted Quarters: In October, before the rains end, 12 quarters are targeted each dry season for Bible Lectures. Invitations to the lectures are distributed and a Bible is given to each house that has someone in it who can read (about 90% of the households). The same page number is then used in public preaching on the blackboard, so they can read along with the preacher. They also use it to read answers to questions, to read tracts, and to complete lessons.
  3. Bible Lesson Office and Distribution: Since 1982, the Bible Lesson Office has given out over 200,000 introduction lessons. Over 6,000 serious students have undertaken the lessons, of which there are four courses in English and two in Lamnso’. Additionally, there have been almost 5,000 students who have taken lessons out in the targeted quarters. New Testaments are incentives.
  4. Lafele Church of Christ CameroonCongregational Visitation and Maturation: In order to promote independence,autonomy, and self-reliance, the four evangelists (three of whom are Cameroonians) have a rotation on Sundays to visit different congregations each week. From the beginning, each congregation is expected to hold its own treasury, to arrange its own meeting place, and take care of its own materials. Teaching, preaching, and training on the local level are used to build upcongregations in the months following their establishment. Joint courses and campaigns promote awareness and unity.
  5. Quarterly Lectureships and Campaigns: At different places around the 95 congregations in the North West Province, lectureships are held one or two times a year (plus the Annual National one). Even though there are some lectures for members, these are more like campaigns, because there is a lot of public preaching, house-to-house work, and personal evangelism, and many baptisms.
  6. Periodic Leadership Training: Several types of short-term leadership training programs are available and used in the North West. About two times a year, there is a Men's Course at the Sonac Street congregation in Bamenda, the regional capital. Women also have two, two-day courses a year. There has been a new seven day course already taught in several places by Paul Kee on "Chunch Leadership: With and Without Elders." The Bible School now has an Annual Scholarship Lectureship each May.
  7. Kumbo Christian Bible School, Nso’: Kumbo Christian Bible School CameroonSince 1989, long-term training for men and women has been available in Nso’. Two previous Bible Schools in the South West have closed, one in 1980 and then another in 1989. The four co-workers or evangelists provide the teaching and staff. KCBS, Nso’ provides a two-year diploma after six terms, but this takes 2½ years, because students are at home from mid-March until early September.This has enabled us to have 90% of our graduates to be back in their home congregations, self-supporting, well-trained church leaders and preachers.

    Since 2001, the Bible School has had a French section, because seven central African countries speak French and need leadership training. This is the only preacher training school for the Church in the world that has both French and English sections. There is also an upper level in English, known as the Advanced Courses, which trains invitees for two months, for four summers, in much higher and challenging levels of Bible and related studies, to gain a Third-Year Diploma.Lamnso Bible Translation Cameroon
  8. Translation into Lamnso’: In 1983, we got involved in the Revision process of the New Testament. This was published in 1990 and we have been the primary distributors of that, plus lessons and tracts in Lamnso’. We pay the rent on the Literacy Center and we had five brethren involved part-time in the translation of the Old Testament, which will be sold with a revised NT. We are leading the planning sessions for the Dedication of the complete Bible in Lamnso', on November 19, 2016.